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Based in the heart of London, Rochester PR Group are specialists in market entry, advising international clients and brands on successfully entering the UK market. We will raise your profile and ensure your business gets connected with the right people to help it grow.


London remains no.1 best city for global business

 City of opportunity: London for international business. Source: PwC

We were delighted, but hardly surprised, to see London retain its number one spot as the best city for global business in the seventh edition of PwC’s Cities of Opportunity today.

The report, released this morning, confirmed what we as market entry specialists have been telling new businesses for years: that London is a smart, tech-savvy and connected city with commercial, cultural and intellectual pre-eminence which stretches back over four-hundred years. 

It came as no surprise to us, living and working as we do in the heart of the capital, to see London take pole position by considerable margins across several of PwC’s ten indicators. The city was rated best in the world for intellectual capital and protection, economic might and connectedness as a global gateway. London was also deemed to be in the top three for liveability, technological sophistication and ease of doing business. For market-entrists looking to start-up in the British market, that should make the tube fares worth it!

Having stood firm as an international centre of trade and innovation through centuries worth of challenges - from the great fire to the financial crisis - London should be an obvious choice for enterprising businesspeople from across the globe.

What we believe really underpins London’s continued ranking as the top city for global opportunity, however, are the people who ride the tube, fill the offices, read the newspapers and visit the shops: the Londoners. Here at Rochester PR, we make it our business to know our public and how to reach them - how to deliver the messages, platforms and connections to plug exciting companies new to the UK into the heart of what makes our city tick.

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Nous irons à SIAL!


This year, the team will be re-visiting SIAL Paris, from 16-21 October. There will be lots of trade associations coming to the UK and we are interested in hearing their feedback post-Brexit. It is always exciting to discover international trends on the food and beverages scene, whether it is health products or convenient food. 


Japanese entrepreneur Junko Kemi meets BBC London's Jo Good

kay me, a Japanese fashion brand established in 2011, appears on UK radio for the first time on BBC Radio London's Jo Good show. The brand currently has four branches in Tokyo and its founder, Junko Kemi, has set her sights on entering the UK retail market. Japan-fan Jo was particularly interested in finding out more about kay me's unique designs and its patented machine washable silk technology. Rochester PR is helping the brand introduce its Contemporary KIMONO collection to UK consumers, which combines functionality with classic Japanese beauty. 



UK welcomes New Zealand social enterprise  

“Rochester shared wisdom and vigour with us, showing great flexibility in operating in dual time-zones as the core CLF team was based in New Zealand. I would seriously recommend them to anybody looking to bring their business to the UK.”

Nik Webb-Shephard, CEO, Child Labor Free



#LondonIsOpen campaign

Today London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, launched the #LondonIsOpen campaign to generate more international business investment in the capital and to boost tourism. Click here to watch the promotional video.

The Rochester PR team also had a go at creating our own video content in support of this initiative - check out our Twitter to see how it looks!

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