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And in the Morning… I’m making waffles!

As I hot-footed it to the office from my transatlantic flight, still full of New York City (literally), the article I read in Stylist entitled ‘British Food Scene gets some New York Cool’ seemed like more than a coincidence.  Great, I thought, finally I will know where to get the amazing All American Breakfasts that are, in my opinion the best thing about American food, in London.  Imagine my crushing disappointment when I discovered that there was no mention of waffles, pancakes or crispy bacon in the article at all!  There was talk of steakhouses, great burger places and American pizzerias but nothing on where to get the best maple syrup soaked bacon in town.

In New York, breakfast is not just a quick slice of toast and throwing a cup of tea down your throat, it’s about great coffee, great service and fantastic food even if you have to be at work by 8am.  Breakfast is served until 12 noon and you can get anything from eggs benedict to chocolate chip pancakes.  Every day I was there I forwent generous lunch offers in favour of eggs, bacon, potato hash, bagels and pancakes (not necessarily all at the same time!) all washed down with an unlimited supply of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, and all without breaking the bank.  Oh and did I mention that the diners serving these amazing breakfasts are packed?

So come on London, with the Olympics on the way and tourists about to flood in from all over the world in need of a good start to their day, where is your breakfast offering to rival the American Breakfast Experience?

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