Home baking content hits the spot for Guylian

Guylian Home Baking

With most of Spring having been spent in lockdown, we devised an idea for our client Guylian Chocolates to bring some cheer and family togetherness to everyone housebound. We collaborated with foodies, influencers and friends of the brand to create a collection of delicious treats featuring Guylian Chocolates in a downloadable free booklet format that […]

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Inventive and resilient – how our clients are responding to coronavirus


As we all know, the onset of social distancing and lockdown has sent many businesses and organisations throughout the world into turmoil. The ways we work, communicate with colleagues, clients/customers and prospective clients/customers, recruit, collect and share data, shop, use the internet and socialise may be set to change forever. The way we speak has […]

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Terrifio™ on Rochester: “your team is fantastic on the ground for us”

Here’s what Jim Gastle, founder of Terrifio™, the digital IP advisor, which changes the way you begin the IP process by educating you on key deadlines, your eligibility, and information integral to securing your IP rights, had to say about working with us: “Being Canadian tech entrepreneurs with global ambitions since day one, we set ourselves […]

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A new take on the subscription box

Ballet subscription box

When you think of subscription boxes, it’s probably products such as food and beauty that come to mind. However, the founders of My Ballet Box, our latest client, have taken their knowledge, expertise and passion for dance to create a totally unique offering. My Ballet Box provides monthly or quarterly deliveries of expertly selected ballet […]

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What we do

20th anniversary

So, it’s that time of year when a quick reflection on the year that has just passed, sets us up for the year ahead. In terms of our sector expertise, starting with food and drink, 2017 was a record breaking 20th year as Guylian’s PR agency which saw up continue to hit Guylian’s primary audience […]

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