PR Work For Clients Entering the UK Market from East Asia

PR For East Asia

This vast region is an amazing part of the world which incorporates a number of countries that each have their own distinct businesses and brands.  We have been lucky to work with a number of Japanese entrepreneurs who set out to fuse the country’s ancient traditions with modern, and to some degree Western sensibilities.  We were also one of the first PR companies to learn and understand Taiwan’s bubble tea concept.  

In addition to working in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, we have also spent time conducting PR campaigns for brands and companies who are based in or have a vested interest in China. Our professionals have a broad spectrum of experience in this country, including: 

International PR Specialists 

There is no doubt that the concept of PR and marketing varies from region to region and country to country. But at Rochester PR Group, we believe that for any international brand to be truly successful in a new country it makes sense to talk to those who know the market best. Our PR professionals have decades of experience in constructing fruitful PR campaigns for businesses entering the UK from overseas and will use their extensive knowledge and expertise to help your product or service succeed in a new location. 

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