Communications Strategy

Revamping Communications Strategy

As specialists in market entry PR, we are passionate about helping our clients to deliver timely, accurate messages to prospective customers all across the globe. New and existing businesses who are struggling to break into new markets, whether homegrown or international, can therefore benefit greatly from our unparalleled PR services and go on to flourish under the guidance of our leading PR experts and strategists. By altering how and when you communicate with your audience, we can build your brand a solid platform for success in several markets, including the UK and the Asia Pacific.

Engaging audiences and changing perceptions

The world is changing and businesses must change with it if they wish to survive. On top of traditional methods of communication, there are now many other crucial avenues to explore, such as social media, email newsletters and video production. To support your growth, our PR professionals will take the time to understand your brand’s vision and ethos before developing a solid multi-channel strategy designed to create meaningful, tangible connections with every member of your audience. We will leave no stone unturned in your quest for success.

Time will also be spent establishing relationships with those in key media positions in order to gain coverage and credibility for your new business idea or product launch. If you’re ambitious and entrepreneurial, then you’ve found your perfect match with Rochester PR.

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Unified communications across all channels

There are few things more confusing to customers than disparate messaging across different marketing channels. Luckily, Rochester PR can work with you to devise consistent communications that will keep your audience on side. An understanding of your target markets and how you wish your company to be perceived will of course influence our approach and help to ensure that each campaign hits all of its intended commercial objectives. Once we’ve reached an agreement on who you wish to target and how our PR specialists can be trusted to get your message across loud and clear. Our approach is extremely collaborative. We work with you and share our knowledge and findings so that you both learn more about the market and can fine tune your own business plans.

We have a broad understanding of many different sectors, including lifestyle PR, food & drink PR and technology PR, and will draw on our substantial expertise to raise your profile and further your business development within an agreed time frame. It’s all part of what we do.

Crisis management

For most clients, having a crisis management plan, should be an integral part of a PR programme.  If, you are using the know-how and services of our experienced PR consultants to transform your reputation, then you would be wise to invest time in planning and understanding how to handle issues when they arise as they can seriously affect the day-to-day operations of your business.   This starts with understanding all the external and internal stakeholders with whom you will need to communicate, the right routes to reach them and of course planning around the various scenarios that you may face.   Our other key remit is to implement these plans when needed and this is where our experience can be reassuring and beneficial to companies when they find themselves called upon to respond to a crisis.

Leading London PR Agency

Rochester PR is a London PR agency recognised for helping international and UK businesses expand into new markets and change how they present themselves to the world. We can give you advice and assistance on how to alter your approach for a particular audience and create long-lasting campaigns that have real impact. By coming on board with us, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our trusted PR consultants and get yourself in front of those that matter most. Only then will you achieve the growth you truly deserve.