Market entry advice booklet lands

The first edition of our market entry advice booklet was really well received and accompanied us to many a meeting here as well as on our trips overseas meeting companies considering the UK for their next international move.  So, here’s our expanded 2019 edition with even more advice from across our network – a big thank you to all our contributors for sharing their thoughts.

You’ll find everything from practical information on setting up a business in the UK as well as some sound general business advice and the answers our contributors give to the questions they get asked the most.  We couldn’t resist the opportunity to remind you why London and the UK is such a great place as well as offering some recommendations on where to eat, drink and shop and introducing you to our sense of humour.

If you’d like to view the book (which we obviously recommend!) please fill in some details and you’ll be able to start reading straight away.  You can also download a copy and email us if you’d like the printed version.

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