5 tips for entering the UK retail market in 2020

We came across a great article this week from eBay VP Rob Hattrell with his five Back to Work Tips for 2020. If you want to take a look at the complete article, do read it here.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share his five tips whilst putting our market entry slant on them.

Be Agile
The UK retail landscape is changing fast and it’s more important in 2020 than ever to be nimble and stay in touch with changing consumer habits.

We couldn’t agree more. This is not just relevant to eBay retailers or retailers in general, this is just as important for any business looking at the UK market. Whether you are b2b or b2c understanding who you are selling to is crucial. And you can’t always do this from overseas. It’s difficult to quantify or package up as a service but our knowledge of what’s what and who’s who in a myriad of different business sectors proves time and time again to be of huge value.

Be unique
Do something different.
Again, yes, linked to the point above – when thinking about entering the UK market, make sure you have considered why this is the right market for you and how you are going to promote yourself. Entering a new market is a great reason for taking a look at your messaging – there are often updates that need to be made – to make you really fly in the UK.

But we’d also say, please don’t claim to be unique if you’re not. Far better to have assessed your competition and be ready to respond to it rather than be found out.

Be global
Well, yes, that’s who we work with – entrepreneurial clients with ambition who bring their business or trade with the UK to scale and grow. If you’re interested in seeing the results of our Market Entry Index research which

Be customer focused
Always. We try. As should everyone.

Be focused on the basics
The basics of being a successful company are pretty much the same around the world. One thing we notice is that clients often under-estimate the time and focus that these basics need in a new market. One of the most obvious – the time it takes to land those initial clients. So, do yourself a favour and invest in some great PR and marketing that helps you stand out from the crowd.

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