Best brands in the UK

If you’re looking at launching in the UK, it’s always useful to know what your competition is so this latest from YouGov’s UK Best Brand Rankings which highlights “the best-performing organisations according to their overall brand health” is well worth a read. Overall brand health was calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation.

If you’re in the UK already then the list of brands such as (top six in order) John Lewis, Netflix, Visa, Marks & Spencer, Cadbury and the Royal Mail may not come as a surprise. But if you are an overseas business looking to enter the UK, then knowing this and understanding more about what these brands say and do could be a useful bit of background research. Finding out why Greggs made it on to the most improved list, for example, will definitely help you understand more about the UK and UK consumers.

In the same article you can also see YouGov’s annual global best brands ranking where Google takes the top spot. If you’d like to take a read, then head over to Yougov for the complete article.

Photo by Jon Tyson
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