Chat GPT: the reasons for attending trade shows

AI is undoubtably driving change in many areas of business life including customer behaviours on websites and delivering relevant online chat support Chat GPT is currently at the forefront of many conversations especially those focused on how AI platforms like these are potentially threatening jobs for journalists and content creators. We wanted to put it to the test to see whether the content Chat GPT created is up to the same standards we create for ourselves and for clients.

Whilst the platform is very quick and efficient, we have highlighted where having in-depth knowledge, experience and professional know how is still imperative when delivering content for both clients.

With many of our clients attending trade shows and as we ourselves have attended several just in the last few weeks, we took the opportunity to use Chat GPT to create an article on why attending trade shows is a great idea for companies wanting to enter the UK market and below is what GPT created.

Here are some of the reasons we felt the below content wasn’t up to scratch:

  • Having attended trade shows, we felt the inclusion of consumers being prevalent at trade shows to be inaccurate – the visitors tend to be buyers, distributors, other brands, PR agencies, industry experts and maybe consumers (depending on the show)
  • The points appear to be quite repetitive, applying the same themes to each category
  • The article is very much focused around b2c brands where many trade shows are designed for b2b businesses
  • The notion of setting up a bricks and mortar location seems a bit ‘old’ as since Chat GPT lost access to the internet in 2018, the pandemic arrived and drove shoppers online. In addition to this, brands do not necessarily need stores to be successful with e-commerce being a great choice for brands wanting to activate in a market quickly
  • The piece lacked specifics about the dynamics of trade shows and actions for brands to make following the show etc.

The United Kingdom is an attractive market for international brands looking to expand their reach and gain exposure in European markets. With a diverse range of industries, from fashion to food and beverage, the UK offers a wealth of opportunities for companies looking to connect with new audiences and expand their customer base. A great way for brands to achieve this is by participating in UK trade shows, which offer a range of benefits and advantages for businesses looking to break into the British market. Here are the top 10 benefits of international brands using UK trade shows to gain awareness and build connections:

  1. Exposure to a large and diverse audience

Trade shows are a great way for international brands to reach a larger and more diverse audience than they might be able to through other channels. Trade shows are often attended by a mix of industry professionals, buyers, and consumers, meaning that brands have the opportunity to showcase their products to a range of potential customers and collaborators.

  1. Opportunities to network with industry professionals

In addition to reaching a larger audience, trade shows also offer opportunities to connect with industry professionals who can help open doors and provide valuable insights into the UK market. From distributors to suppliers and other key players in the industry, trade shows are the perfect place for brands to build relationships with the people who can help take their business to the next level.

  1. Showcasing products and generating interest

Trade shows are designed to showcase and promote products and services, making them an ideal platform for international brands looking to create buzz around their offerings. By presenting their products to a wider audience, brands can generate interest and excitement, and perhaps even secure new business deals and partnerships.

  1. Building brand recognition

Participating in trade shows is also a great way for international brands to build brand recognition in the UK market. By showcasing their products and building relationships with customers and industry professionals, brands can increase their visibility and credibility, making it more likely that they will be remembered and recommended to others in the industry.

  1. Learning about consumer trends and preferences

Trade shows aren’t just about showcasing products and networking with industry professionals – they’re also a great way for brands to stay up-to-date with consumer trends and preferences. By observing what other brands are doing and talking to attendees, brands can gain valuable insights into what appeals to UK consumers and how they can adjust their offerings to meet local demand.

  1. Connecting with buyers

Trade shows are a key event for buyers in the UK marketplace, and as such, they offer valuable opportunities for brands to connect with these important decision-makers. By building relationships with buyers and demonstrating the value of their products, brands can secure new sales opportunities and build lasting partnerships with these important players.

  1. Garnering media coverage

Trade shows are often attended by members of the media, making them an ideal platform for brands to gain media coverage and exposure. By presenting their products and telling their story to journalists and bloggers, brands can increase their visibility and generate buzz around their brand – which, in turn, can lead to more business opportunities and increased sales.  Trade shows are also a brilliant place to connect with PR agencies that are specialists.

  1. Saving time and money

Participating in trade shows is a cost-effective way for international brands to test the UK market without having to make a significant investment in the form of a permanent storefront. Rather than setting up shop and then website independently, brands can leverage the trade show event to test the waters and gauge interest in their products.

  1. Receiving feedback from customers

Trade shows are also a great way for brands to receive valuable feedback from customers in the UK market. By speaking with attendees and observing their reactions to their products, brands can gain insights into what is working and what needs to be improved in order to appeal to UK consumers.

  1. Establishing a foothold in the UK market

Finally, participating in trade shows is also a key step toward establishing a foothold in the UK market. By connecting with buyers, industry professionals, and customers, brands can begin to establish relationships and build their reputation in the market, which can lead to more business opportunities and sustained growth over time.

In conclusion, participating in UK trade shows is an effective and efficient way for international brands to gain exposure in the UK market, build connections with key players in the industry, and establish a foothold in this important market. From generating buzz around products to connecting with buyers and receiving valuable feedback from customers, trade shows offer a range of benefits and advantages that make them an essential tool for any company looking to expand their reach and grow their business.


Whilst we understand the more you ‘educate’ Chat GPT the more accurate the response will be, we wanted to explore a basic search which may be used initially.

Having explored the platform, we can absolutely see how it can benefit many who want to share articles to help with SEO and without the expense of using copywriters, however, we are not too worried about it taking over our jobs as we don’t believe an AI platform can have the same knowledge and expertise as someone who has been in the industry for many years.  Indeed, we often advise our clients not to “spam” their blogs with obvious SEO-focused copy as neither customers nor consumers want to read repetitive material.  If you want to be an opinion leader, why would you create lightweight, generic-sounding material.  Consumers/customers are savvy and know when they are being taken for a ride.

If you’d like to find out more about why we feel trade shows are important for brands wanting to enter the UK market and how we can support your brand, do get in touch.

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