International Food & Drink March 2023: Pre-event webinar

We love meeting international brands at International Food & Drink Event (and other food trade shows of course) but we often come away from their stands feeling disappointed on their behalf.  And typically, that’s because they don’t feel they have got the most out of their attendance and investment.  Sometimes it’s because they didn’t meet the people they really wanted to meet (distributors or retailers) and sometimes it’s because the show or their near neighbours seem to have brands very similar to their own and they feel they have missed a trick to stand out.

We appreciate that UK market entry can be challenging and the UK food and drinks industry is highly competitive, which is why we have linked up with Simon Day to run a pre-IFE webinar.

The plan is for Simon, who is now a brand advisor and early-stage investor, to share some of his insights from brands that he created including unearthed® and Squeaky Bean® for example.  And our Joanna Dodd will tackle the PR and marketing elements and why they are essential in the UK.  Together, the plan is to give lots of pre-event advice and tips.  Things that should help maximise your opportunities and investment at the show.   In a little more detail, the topics we are planning to cover include:

How to get the most from IFE

  • What to decide now
  • Who to speak to BEFORE you arrive
  • Find out about your competition and trends in the UK
  • How to build profile
  • What to do at the event itself
  • How to follow up

UK market entry

  • UK consumer landscape
  • UK retail/foodservice landscape
  • The power of profile
  • Model options
  • Success and failure themes
  • Checklist summary

So, if your new year’s resolution is to take a look at the possibilities offered by the UK market, plan your UK entry in earnest or even just come over to attend some shows, join us and pick up some valuable insights on how to make the most of your investment.

We are going to be hosting this webinar on Wednesday 18 January 2023 with two time slots to suit different time zones – one at 7.00am and one at 3.00pm both UK time.

If you would like to join the morning session 7.00am GMT then use this link to register:

If you would like to join the afternoon session 3.00pm GMT then use this link to register: