Maximize Your International Trade Show Presence 

Trade shows are typically business-to-business (B2B) events attended by other businesses at which companies in an industry display and demonstrate their products and services in a specific market.  There are also shows targeted at consumers (the general public), so it’s important to pick the right type of show to match your requirements – we have heard of international companies attending completely the wrong show.

Anyone who has attended a trade show for their brand or company before, will know it can be a challenging and complex process, particularly if it’s taking place abroad in a country with which you are not familiar. However, with the right support, trade shows can also bring excellent business opportunities and a chance to test out a new market before officially launching there.

That’s why we’re delighted to share our Trade Show Success Kit – a comprehensive service designed specifically for brand managers and export managers looking to make the most of their trade show presence abroad. You can rest assured that every aspect of your international trade show presence will be expertly handled, allowing you to focus on building relationships and securing new business.

You may wonder how we have access to tailored, expert knowledge about trade shows abroad? That is thanks to us being part of iNT.Agencies, a group of full service companies with competencies covering everything from PR, advertising, sponsorships, events and SEO.  By working together with these other agencies around the world, the group offers a strong local presence with an international perspective.  This means that we can provide expert advice directly from the country that is most relevant for you, including crucial insights and research.

Our Trade Show Success Kit can help support your business with a whole host of different options for trade shows abroad:

Stand/Booth Design

Create a professional and eye-catching booth that effectively showcases your products and services, and attracts new leads.

  • Conceptualisation and planning of booth design
  • Creation of custom graphics and displays
  • Selection of furniture and materials to best showcase your brand
  • On-site setup and installation

International PR

Build your brand’s reputation and reach a wider audience with tailored PR strategies that resonate with local cultures and customs.

  • Development of PR strategies tailored to local cultures and customs
  • Creating a story around your brand that will resonate with the journalists
  • Creation and distribution of press releases and other promotional materials
  • Liaising with show organisers for media opportunities
  • Management of media relations and interviews

Localised materials

Connect with potential clients and customers on a deeper level by presenting your brand and offerings in their preferred language, increasing your chances of securing new business.

  • Translation and localisation of advertising materials such as brochures, flyers, etc
  • Adaptation of messaging and imagery to appeal to local audiences
  • Printing and distribution of materials

Lead generation and meetings

Generate high-quality leads and start building relationships with potential customers before, during, and after the trade show, giving you a competitive advantage and a better return on your investment.

  • Identification and targeting of potential clients and customers
  • Development of lead generation strategies, including email campaigns and social media outreach
  • Collection and management of lead data
  • Qualification of leads and scheduling of follow-up meetings

In summary, the expertise we can offer at trade shows abroad is just one more reason for attending a trade show:

  • Exposure to a wide mix of industry professionals, buyers, and consumers
  • Opportunities to network
  • Showcasing products
  • Building brand awareness and recognition in your target market
  • Learning about consumer trends and preferences
  • Garnering local media coverage from the journalists that attend the shows
  • A cost-effective way to test the waters and gauge interest in your products
  • Receiving feedback from customers

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your international trade show success. If you are interested to find out more about boosting your international trade show success and our Trade Show Success Kit, visit the following link or fill out the Contact Us form and the team will be in touch.

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