Starting up? Then start up your PR

Startup PR
Startup PR

Whether you’re a startup in the UK or an established brand from overseas looking at the UK market, we always recommend thinking like a startup when planning your launch activity. Which is why we have written these tips on how to get started on PR to help raise your startup’s profile.

With tips to suit those who haven’t thought about it before as well as those who have, we think there is something in here for everyone. One of our favourite pieces of advice, is to remember to capture your founding story. It’s a great piece of content that you can use for many years to come so capture it whilst it’s fresh and make sure you know it. You’d be surprised how often we have seen stories change or hear different versions of events from different founders. None of which helps generate trust with your audiences, you need consistency.

Sometimes it’s because things have changed since you first started and may have become more complex since your initial “ah-ha” moment. You have probably spent months fine-tuning your product or service and creating business plans, but your most powerful tool is why you did it in the first place. What prompted you to launch your business, what problem were you trying to solve. Re-connecting with that emotion can help with many a PR angle and story.

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