Reinventing education & ensuring future skills through edtech

We were delighted to work with The Embassy of Finland in London this week which, together with its partners Business Finland, Education Finland, Finnish Institute and the Embassy of Finland in Dublin, put on an extremely interesting and very well-attended webinar, looking at the future of education and ensuring future skills.

Our work spans tech, education and edtech so it was particularly interesting to learn from the range of knowledgeable speakers. We heard reports about remote learning experiences in the UK and in Finland and how primary education is adapting its digital education model for the future. There was hot debate around the question of standardised testing, the use of which varies wildly and generally it was felt that there are other ways to achieve a similar result. The event included presentations from three Finnish companies, Kide Science, QRiDI and Code School Finland all sharing their experience.

Overall, of course, technology in education is here to stay and learning and wellbeing go hand in hand with the mental health of both teachers and pupils which is of primary importance for engagement. If you’d like to know more about this, or watch a recording of the webinar, please visit the Embassy of Finland website

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