Working with influencers: top tips

As we regularly deliver influencer campaigns on behalf of a range of clients, we’ve collated some of our favourite tips together in one document for brands and companies who are interested in developing successful influencer engagement strategies.

Brands are increasingly considering how best to collaborate with growing influencers, as they know how to harness the power of social media and to use their credibility to influence their followers’ views, behaviours and potential purchasing decisions. But this can be more challenging if the UK is a new market for your brand or, indeed, if you are a new brand launching for the first time.

Above all, it’s important to have a collaborative approach so that the relationship feels like a genuine partnership rather than a commercial transaction. Influencers’ followers value them for their authenticity, and personal endorsement matters to this audience, which in turn helps brands to increase their relevance and relatability within a wider marketing strategy.

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