Air For Life

Air For Life, the pioneering force in air purification, is on a mission to provide clean and healthy indoor air for all with its products that use cutting-edge technology to reduce health risks and improve lives. Air For Life’s two flagship technologies, AFLPCO® and AFL PLASMA®, are at the heart of the products. These advanced systems are meticulously engineered to provide exceptional indoor air quality. Air For Life have three filter-less wellness products that suit all business and consumer needs. The AFL Mini Sanifier II, AFL Car Sanifier and the AFL Buildings Sanifier. Air For Life’s technology destroys airborne particles including 99.99% of 0.1 µm particles such as bacteria, viruses, PM 2.5, mould, pollen, odours, and allergy causing particles. Employing special carbon brush electrodes, Air For Life’s technology generates both negative and positive ions that effectively sanitise surfaces and eliminate bacteria or viruses, even those invisible to the naked eye, without the need for specialised microscopic equipment.

We are working with Air For Life to help drive awareness of the need for clean air, the benefits clean air can have on your health, concentration, mood, wellbeing etc and help raise Jay Vitale’s (CEO) profile as a leader in the air purification.  We will be doing this through product placement, working with key influencers in the industry, op-eds and thought leadership pieces as well as interviews in key media outlets for Jay and running a social media campaign.