Alex Miln

We worked with award-winning Papamoa, NZ based artist Alex Miln on a project to help to leverage his profile via media relations (targeting both local and international media) and Instagram (developing a robust content strategy/drafting all copy) to help drive awareness and engagement.

Alex is renowned for his complex and provocative 3D sculptural art pieces, many of which take over 1,000 hours to complete, and all of which combine a clever play on form, function and medium with a dash of satire, ensuring they capture one’s attention while being truly unique. Each art piece that Alex creates is made from plywood and aluminium, which he then paints using up to 13 layers of paint to create the illusion of an aged patina.

Topics that feature heavily in all of Alex’s works, which he classifies as ‘Signtology,’ include politics, religion, and his take on Americana.