Brown Family Wine Group

Brown Family Wine Group is one of Australia’s first families of wine; Brown Brothers has been pioneering wine adventures since 1889. From the very first vintage to its ‘experimental’ Kindergarten winery, Brown Brothers’ journey over four generations of family winemaking has been anything but dull. 
With its Milawa heritage at the heart of the brand, Brown Brothers has used its affinity for innovation and experimentation to drive the brand to where it is today. Establishing a reputation that challenges the status quo by developing new grape varieties and partnering with the CSIRO to support ongoing viticulture research. 
Our job is to help drive awareness in New Zealand of key wines within the Brown Family Wine Group portfolio, while capturing the attention of media and consumers alike. 
Caroline Brown, Corporate Communications Manager for Brown Family Wine Group had this to say about us:  “We have just started working with Rochester PR in the New Zealand market. They are full of energy, work at a great pace, and are genuinely excited to work on our brands. We are already seeing some fabulous results and look forward to working on more campaigns in the coming months.”