Child Labor Free

Child Labor Free (CLF) is a New Zealand based social enterprise which has developed a global certification system to combat child labor practises across the globe. CLF uses this certification system to independently analyse companies and the supply chain for the use of child labor across all product types. The Child Labor Free Foundation, a registered charity, also supports local initiatives and community groups to develop projects supporting women and children.

CEO Nik Webb-Shephard said: “The Rochester team has done everything we could have asked for and more. Their work has generated breadth and depth of coverage including street-art media, which is an exciting new area for us as it taps into the millennial audience, exposure in fashion titles and a strong presence in b2b publications – not to mention three phenomenal broadcast interviews. The BBC World Service, World Business Report interview took place within three hours of us landing in the UK!

They even created our campaign hashtag ‘say no to #allworknoplay’ and spent a rainy Sunday campaigning for us around London.”