kay me

Japanese fashion brand kay me, was launched in 2011 by founder and lead designer, Junko Kemi.  kay me’s clothing combines functionality with classic Japanese beauty, the range is perfect for the modern but time-poor businesswoman. kay me is able to combine traditional hand sewing techniques with cutting-edge patented textile technology; in 2015, the team created a machine washable 100% silk material.

kay me currently has three stores in Tokyo and launched its vibrant and stylish Contemporary KIMONO collection to the UK market in 2016.

Junko Kemi, kay me founder and lead designer (Japanese national, based in Japan) said: “Rochester strongly supported me, especially before my BBC interview, to make sure that I was as prepared as I could be for my first interview on live TV in the UK. I very much appreciate this sterling effort.”

Nick Faulkner, kay me International Director and Shareholder (British national, living and working as a business development consultant in Japan for the last 14 years) “The team at Rochester worked closely with us across a challenging eight hour time difference to fully understand our target demographic and connect us with numerous major media outlets in the UK. The outcomes of these media engagements, which were significantly stronger than we ever imagined in our first six months in London, has improved brand awareness for kay me in both the UK and here in Japan.”