“Rochester’s PR campaign significantly raised the profile of the programme both in terms of reach (over 45 million worldwide), depth of message penetration (55.5%) and very strong tone and favourablity scores (2.87 and 2.68 out of 3 respectively).”

Paola Cuneo, Campaign Director , UK Trade & Investment Sirius Programme

The Sirius Programme, UKTI’s global graduate entrepreneurs programme was launched in September 2013 to attract and retain international entrepreneurial graduates to the UK and was designed to create the next generation of successful entrepreneurs with the potential to become tomorrow’s global businesses.  It has successfully brought together a diverse mix of high-growth, innovative start-ups – 67 teams in total from all over the world – taking advantage of the country’s world-class business ecosystem, in five leading UK accelerator hubs. 

Our first project was to attract interest from potential international teams via social media, and we are now working on a media relations programme for the Sirius Programme, supporting Sirius winning businesses in the UK. Our campaign is helping to raise the profiles of these businesses as they progress through the start up process (securing funding and customers, fine tuning their offering and usp and recruiting more team members), whilst communicating the advantages offered to them by the Sirius Programme and UK entrepreneurial ecosystem.