Terrifio™, the digital IP advisor, changes the way you begin the IP process by educating you on key deadlines, your eligibility, and information integral to securing your IP rights.

The Terrifio platform was developed by IP Professionals who are IP Creators themselves and so are passionate about helping Creators to achieve real value from great innovation projects.

This is what Founder, Jim Gastle had to say about our work:

Being Canadian tech entrepreneurs with global ambitions since day one, we set ourselves a goal of launching our platform in London, and mapped out the challenges we needed to overcome. We realized a major hurdle was going to be integrating into the London ecosystem and meeting the right contacts. Rochester has been truly remarkable at facilitating this for us since day one.

Endorsements are not normally my thing – in fact this is my first one ever –here are just some of my comments sent to Rochester over the past six months since we began, all of which I mean 100%: ‘Your team is fantastic on the ground for us’, ‘truly remarkable’, ‘solidly great work’, ‘incredible value’. If you’re thinking about market entry to the UK, Rochester will be a tremendous asset to your team. “

See www.terrifio.co.uk for more information.