Our Market Entry Services

We offer a broad range of PR and communications services to our clients including all those you would expect from a leading PR consultancy which understands international trade.

Our key focus is on delivering brand awareness for a product or service to the right target audience.

Some services are itemised below but do get in touch if you would like to know more in general about our approach to market entry strategy, communications strategy, digital marketing strategy and integrated marketing.

Our team has the right blend of experience working for international businesses to provide senior strategic counsel as well as being able to deliver an impressive event or social media campaign.

  • You want to be known and understood and we have the media contacts and expertise in creating stories that engage with local, regional, national and international media, whether that’s online, mobile, broadcast or print. And, because you want to be able to engage confidently with the media, we are able to assist with media training when you are first considering raising your public profile.

  • We work for our clients across a wide range of social media channels including LinkedIn, helping to establish a personal presence or business through to Facebook, Twitter…the list goes on. The choice of media channel depends on your brand, your company and your objectives. Once the strategy is approved by you, we ensure we keep you up to date and engaged with our clear content management and results monitoring systems.

  • A new market or a new country can mean that you have less awareness about the people who will matter to your business. We have the local knowledge and expertise to help you understand these opinion formers, and the networks to engage with them. Our role is to ensure your messages are heard and understood by the audiences that matter to you and that will make a difference to your business.

  • Probably one of the most enlightening pieces of work we undertake for a client in the early stage of working together. We prove again and again that we are quick to learn about a brand or company and skilled at selecting and developing the right messages to give you the maximum potential for success in a new market. Sharing our analysis of what competitors are saying and doing is always well received by our clients.

  • The right content, seen in the right context at the right time, is the key to success for all businesses today. We create bespoke content that positions our clients’ messages, values and ethos to both their external and internal stakeholders. The content we create for clients spans case studies, white papers, annual reports and research papers, e-newsletters, by-lined articles, brochures, staff handbooks and loyalty cards. We know how to distribute, amplify and measure this content to maximise your investment across email, web, social media, in-store, print, mail and PR. Strategic and creative, great content will be liked, shared and acted upon.

  • Time invested in understanding how your business fits in a new market, who might be interested and why, is important – particularly in a territory where you are newly established. That way you can be prepared if ever you find yourself the centre of attention and short of time.

  • Events, whether that be seminars, networking events, launches, exhibitions or cultural performances, all require creative flair, flawless execution and attention to detail. Our clients ask us to assist with corporate hospitality, VIP celebrations and major launches where we are responsible for everything from recommending who to invite, to designing invitations and managing the entertainment.

  • The style and scope of the writing we do for our clients is vast. We help localise international websites for the UK market; write company brochures, annual reports, loyalty cards, flyers, e-marketing and in-store signage.

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