China City Group launch

We have long held an interest in the China-UK relationship and have worked with many Chinese clients and UK companies connected with China.  So, working on the China City Group’s new initiative to promote corporate governance as a means of improving the business relationship between the two countries, is extremely appealing.  The initiative is headed by John McLean, Chairman of China Resolutions who has been involved with China since 1998 and is a seasoned director, both as Chairman and as a Non-Executive, of a number of China based companies. We are working with John to ensure that the corporate governance message is heard and understood in the UK and China – see City am as an example.  The China City Group published its paper “A Partnership to improve Corporate Governance between China and the UK”, as a starting point towards three outcomes: increased use of the UK markets as a listing destination by Chinese companies, growth of international fund investment into Chinese companies and improvement of Chinese business standing in the international corporate arena.

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