Genuine Moments from everyday service life this October

Do you have a preconception of what everyday service life on a military base looks like? Forces Mutual, the not-for-profit financial services provider for the military family, has launched a Genuine Moments photography competition which invites serving members of the UK Armed Forces and the wider military family to give a glimpse into the inspiring and genuine moments of military life.

The image featured above is one of the early entries to the competition which has categories from ‘everyday life on duty’ through to ‘animals in the military’ and ‘my life as part of the military family’.  The competition closes on 30 November 2016 and if you are a keen photographer and eligible to enter, click here for further details. 

Earlier in the month we accompanied Junko Kemi, the founder and lead designer of kay me, to her interview at BBC Business Live where the ‘Inside Track’ team were interested in her shift from corporate to fashion entrepreneur, the growth of her business in Japan, as well as the brand’s international expansion and launch in the UK . National Chocolate Week is an annual highlight and a good excuse for us to introduce journalists to three new product launches from Guylian, the world’s favourite Belgian chocolate, which are being launched ready for Christmas.