Guide to relaxing at home

Police Mutual set us the objective of coming up with a PR campaign that would help them access the spouses, parents, children and siblings of serving Police Officers, and Staff  and we had the insight that 1) targeting the wider Police family is notoriously tough, not least because the still predominantly male Police Officers don’t often feed things back to their wives and 2) that home is a hugely important space for Officers to regroup following a tough shift and to reconnect with their family.

Our strategy was three-pronged:

  • Connect with interiors and lifestyle bloggers with a family connection to the Police and work with them to create a guide to making the most of your relaxation time at home, including their top tips on everything from storage to lighting. Read it here
  • Commission research with members of the emergency services to compare and contrast how they use their homes. Results showed that nearly half of Police workers struggle to unwind when they get home from work, compared to just 25% of the general public, and only 10% say that they are very satisfied with their home currently.  We placed this with media including the Daily Star
  • Run a competition for members of the Police family to win a home make-over from one of the interior designers and £5,000. We placed this in the Saturday Telegraph, Daily Express and OK magazine as well as Police trade media and the competition generated 12,270 entries including 7% new contacts (929) which was the target set by the client.

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