Super Sunday for Genessence

When we issued and started following up Genessence’s launch press release on the Wednesday, we were hoping for a quick turn-around of online coverage, but imagined that we’d have to wait for a week or two before seeing anything in print. So imagine our delight when The Sun on Sunday’s health columnist Jane Atkinson called in pack shots on the Friday and featured Genessence’s Turmeric and Ginger formulation  in both print and online on the Sunday, in advance of the product even being available to buy in store and online the following Monday! Jane said, “party season can be damaging to your body and now is the time to start preparing for it… There is a new Turmeric & Ginger supplement launched tomorrow by healthcare company Genessence = available from – that contains bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples. It fights inflammation making it a go-to for easing cold and flu symptoms. It’s high in anti-oxidants and a good digestive aid.”

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