Ashley Miln

Ashley is a senior communications consultant with 15 years’ experience leading a wealth of high-profile campaigns and projects for 70+ of the world’s biggest brands at some of London’s top PR agencies.

Ashley has a broad range of experience across a variety of sectors including food and drink, beauty, retail, travel, technology, and sustainability. Having worked with clients both big and small including entrepreneurial start-up brands, she is adept at all facets of PR including: Leading high-profile consumer PR campaigns, media relations, copywriting, influencer marketing and social media.

In addition to her PR experience, she is the founder and editor of award-winning luxury travel and food blog Destination Delicious, which allows her to share her favourite food and travel finds with her followers.

A dual US and UK citizen, Ashley heralds from Minnesota, USA, and now resides in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and two tiny tornados.

In her spare time (which to be honest is very rare with two toddlers), Ashley enjoys writing (she’s a freelance travel and lifestyle writer), travelling, photography, scrapbooking, and unwinding at home by reading books and magazines.

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