“Cheers” London – says our US Intern

If you read our Twitter feed, you can see we have a US Intern. That US Intern would be me!

Coming from New York, I was so surprised of the culture difference between New York and London. Everyone is so nice! Whether it is on the Tube during rush hour or grabbing a bite to eat at Pret, everyone is always so friendly. “Cheers” and the high-pitched “thank you” I receive every time I make a call, always brightens my day. I learned so much terminology that we don’t have in the US like, “drop us a line,” or “do you want a top up” – regarding anything from tea to an Oyster card.

Not only is the London Tube much cleaner than the New York City Subway, but it is also much more efficient. In London, you never need to fret that when traveling by Tube you will probably get to where you’re going. If you miss a stop, it is very easy to get back on the train that goes in the other direction without exiting the station.

I am going to miss London so much, especially my job. Working at Rochester was an incredible eye opening experience for me. I don’t have the words to describe it. Interacting on behalf of our clients each day was an incredibly enriching experience. I was also pleased to put my film experience into practice for the Mayor’s #LondonIsOpen campaign. I am so sad to be saying goodbye for now, but I am so grateful for my time spent here. My co-workers have been unbelievably fantastic. I woke up every morning excited to come to work.

From Katie