Getting to grips with the A to Z of PR

Hi! I am from just outside of Chicago, and I am the lucky intern who got to spend a brilliant four weeks with Rochester PR Group.

There is so much that I could say in this blog post about my experience, because I really learned so much. I learned how to make British tea, I learned what a Chamber of Commerce was, I learned how PR fits into the markeing mix, I learned how to use Excel (and how to get frustrated by it!), and I learned that Jo and Joanna are the two most incredible bosses I could ask for.

I have always been curious, born with a desire to ask questions and get meaningful answers. Jo and Joanna, without a doubt, had patience and gave support in guiding me through the challenging maze that is international PR. Any question from, “Where is a good place to eat?” to “What is the difference between an accelerator and an incubator and what does it have to do with client x?” was thoroughly discussed until they were sure that I understood. In retrospect, knowing that my employers cared so much about making my internship a learning experience and being so willing to be a mentor made my month here all the more special.

It was not just their guidance through the complexity of PR that was so greatly appreciated, but also the freedom they gave me to use my skills to help the company. They gave me access to the website and listened completely to my feedback on different social meida ideas. As somebody still at school, I believed before entering the company that my opinion would not be considered because I do not have the experience to contribute successfully. Not once did Jo or Joanna make me feel that my comments were invalid or not worth considering, and they allowed my voice to be heard.

If another intern is fortunate enough to be able to work for Rochester PR Group, value every second of the opportunity. Trust me, you will miss it when you have to leave.


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