Keeping our fingers on the trend pulse

Last night we were at Anthropologie’s Regent Street store for an ‘interiors trend talk with Elle Decoration’ because we love all things home interest – from clients to magazines, bloggers to buyers – and are always keen to keep abreast of the latest trends.

The first surprise of the night was that the talk wasn’t actually presented by Elle Decoration after all, but rather interiors blogger, designer and journalist (for the FT, Indie and Daily Mail among others), Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House. We were geared up for this, because as subscribers to Kate’s blog her emails hit our inboxes around 7am most days, so we knew that she had been invited to head up the evening. Far from being disappointed (we have to admit that a few of those we told that it would be Kate presenting rather than Elle Dec editor, Michelle Ogundehin, were a tad miffed), we thought it was refreshing to see an influencer being recognised by the traditional interiors industry in this way.

The Elle Decoration team was there (so it wasn’t a case of someone calling in sick) to introduce Kate and their trends research, post on social media throughout and network afterwards. But what trends can we expect to see in stores, magazines, hotels, restaurants and homes over the next year you are wondering…? So without further ado, here is Elle Dec’s trend bulletin:

  1. Plaster pinks – a more grown up, less girlie version of the hue. Our favourite anecdote of the night was that up until the late 1920s all parents were advised to dress baby boys in pink and girls in blue
  2. Gorgeous greens – less lime than Pantone’s colour of the year: Greenery 15-0343 and easy to incorporate through the seemingly unstoppable trend of house plans, real or faux
  3. Denim blues – so versatile as they go with everything; simply take inspiration from your wardrobe
  4. Beautiful brass – enough said really. We are especially enjoying this in cutlery format!
  5. Mixed metallic – our sound bite of the night was ‘don’t be afraid to combine your shine’ which is great advice when there are so many stunning warm metallics out there, but few of us are lucky enough to have an entirely chrome free home
  6. Modern marble – a trend that has been gathering pace for some time, but now no longer confined to the kitchen and bathroom, you will start to see it everywhere from lamps to side tables
  7. Painterly prints – artistic beauty transferred from the traditional canvas to home fabrics of all shapes, sizes and uses
  8. Contemporary craft – the next step of the already established craze for all things artisanal and handmade, so celebrate all those small producers and go for something unique
  9. Tattooed textures – probably the hardest of the nine to grasp initially, but think etched patterns in similar shades to the base colour on anything from tiles to concrete planters

So there you go. Do you have a favourite? And which do you think are going to be the biggest hits (or misses) on the high street and beyond over the coming months?


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