A New Yorker in London

This summer Rochester PR has continued to its trend of having an intern from New York. This year, that intern was me! I’ve been here at Rochester PR for the past month.

Us New Yorkers seemingly gravitate towards big cities and London is no exception to the rule! With an endless amount of excitement and things to do, I knew I was going to love London even before arriving. And from the moment I stepped out of Heathrow Airport, I was proved right! Determined to see everything London has to offer (mind you, I only got through a fraction of it), I had a variety of unique experiences. From looking like the ultimate tourist at times, wearing Oxford ‘gear’ and taking selfies infront of red London telephone boxes, to playing the role of a Brit; drinking high tea and wearing a fascinator to Ascot.

Yet with as much as I saw, I still find myself perplexed by some of the British ways I’ve come to know. Whether it be commuters patiently waiting for people to get off the Tube instead of trampling one another as I see at home, or calling fries chips and chips crisps. It has shown me just how similar but different two cities can be; and all of these small unique parts of the culture are what made my trip truly rewarding!

Even with all the sightseeing I did, the main place I spent my time was Rochester PR. From the start of my internship I have loved the hard working and determined attitudes of everyone in the office. I was able to research media campaigns and contribute to a quarterly client presentation. Being entrusted with these tasks forced me to rise to the level of dedication and hard work that everyone at Rochester PR exemplifies!

I will miss Rochester and London enormously and hope to be back soon!!

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